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Arambol Beach Goa

Arambol city is considered to be a beautiful city of North Goa in India, a which is very much liked by all the tourists visiting here. The Arambol city is a traditional fisherman village, located about 90 minutes drive from Dabolim Airport (GOI) within the Pernem administrative region of North Goa, India. Know information about visit Arambol Beach Goa Tour, History, the Best time to visit, Photo Gallery, Freshwater Lake, Entry fees, Tips to visit, How to reach, What to do, Hotels around, etc.

Arambol – Rendezvous with Arambol

Arambol lies 32 km northwest of Mapusa, Goa. It is a very low profile and less impact tourist spot. Yet, the ambiance, the surroundings, the greenery, the scenic beauty make the person coming here to ask for more. Even with the modest amenities, many tourists prefer to come here just to bask in the flavor of Goa here. There are two very good beaches here. The serenity, tranquility and the peace around is the antidote for a hassled, city dweller that comes here to unwind.

People who come to Anjuna and Vagator Beach come here for evening parties. If a person is alright with the basic amenities provided by a beach resort and if the tourist is looking more for quality and not for popularity then Arambol, the beach beauty is the place to be.

Travel Kitty

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Arambo Street Goa

Whenever a person visits a place, he is looking forward to an experience he can cherish forever.

As he approaches Arambol, the calm wonder, the sheer beauty of the place takes him in and he is mesmerized with the effect that it creates. This place is an epitome of tranquility and calm as it scatters around the high grounds of the beach. There are winding lanes that run across the city and create a picture of beautiful creations by Nature. This village has its own school, church and it is intriguing to see the old constructions juxtaposed with the new buildings. The tradition and culture of Goa is seen in the ambiance and atmosphere here and it takes a while to seep in the beauty of the place. Thus, a tourist coming to the place can take this as his travel kitty.

There are many shops near the beaches. These shops sell a lot of stuff, which interests the tourist’s curiosity. Clothes, junk jewellery and many handicraft items. Articles made of shell very commonly found here. Available at reasonable prices these interest the foreigners and Indians equally. Besides, we also get a lot of cashew nuts in Goa.

Joie de vivre Arambol Goa

Wooden fishing boats, blue sea, white clouds and a litter of shanties along the beach dot the beach line and make the place worth a visit. The main beach found around 200 m from the lane. There is a bay here with a gentle curve that is used by tourists for bathing. The picturesque surroundings seem straight out of a picture postcard. There is a similar bathing ground, which is again a popular place with whoever visits here. The café bars give the tourist his much-required break after he spends time in the waters of the sea.

The entire atmosphere is replete with a lot of fun, frolic, rest and relaxation. Thus, this is the best place for a proper R & R. The beaches in Arambol goa reached only by foot. One has to walk up the stony track over the headland. There is a cove, which has rocks all over. This lazy, relaxed and idle cove leads to a broader strip on both sides of the cliff. The broader strip has soft white sand. The strip of sand is sandwiched between the sides of the steep cliffs.

The joie de vivre in this city is possible when we see the following interesting places. They are :

  • Fort
  • Freshwater Lake
  • Beaches
  • Hot Springs
  • Banyan Tree


The Teracol Fort was built by the Portuguese. It is said that they did this for the sake of defense easily. It is situated on the northern side of the Teracol River. The Teracol River lies in the northern boundary of the city. This is today a modern luxury hotel. This fort has its own history and is a remarkable piece of the glorious past.

Freshwater Lake

Amidst the beautiful surroundings of Arambol, there is a freshwater lake. This small lake starts from the bottom of the valley and leads into a thick jungle. This pond, which is greenish in color, lends beauty to the natural surroundings. A tourist coming here would love the spellbinding natural beauty that he gets to see here. Sometimes if he hangs around in the banks of this greenish pond, there are chances that he would see a fluorescent yellow human figure come from the bushes at the other end.

These freshwater lakes are normally fed by hot springs. These boiling hot springs lead to the deposition of sulphorous mud. This sulphorous mud when applied all over the body forms a strange yellow butter colored shell.

There is a forest behind the lake. Here the members of the lunatic fringe live in the branches of an old tree. The scene is hypnotizing and more so because it resembles a cross between the Lord of the flies and Apocalypse now. The water is a combination of fresh water and seawater.

Arambol Beaches

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The Arambol Goa Beach

Arambol beach happens to be one of the most beautiful and charming beaches in Goa. This quiet and serene village is really very tourist friendly and is a nature lover’s paradise. With its vast expanse of coastal landscape, this beach is beautiful because it is totally unspoilt. There are two main beaches in Arambol, the earlier Harmal.

Arambol Beach: This beach is beautiful and is the northernmost beach in Goa. With an amazing expanse of sand, this beach gives the tourist the feel of the wind grazing against the face and the blue waters of the sea lingering around in the feet. The picturesque surrounding gives the beach a perfect look with its steep cliffs on the two sides. It is located 50 km north of Panaji.

Harmal Beach: This beach is approached only by foot and is spell binding with its rocky landscape. It is a tourist’s paradise and a photographer’s heaven. The calmness of the surrounding and the stillness of the atmosphere brings forth a beauty unparalleled. The softness of the breeze and the stern cliffs surrounding the beach give the tourist a combination of the vagaries of natural landscape.

Hot Springs

This hot spring is very near the main beach .This beach leads into a freshwater lake. There is a lot of silt produced on the sides of the lake. This is believe to give a lot of cure for skin problems. The warm water of the hot springs is a relief to a tired traveler. These hot springs are fresh and it is an amazing sight to see them coming up.

Banyan Tree

This banyan tree is found hidden between two hills. There is also a stone sculpture here. This was created by an American Conceptual and Land artist. This is a pilgrim spot.

Entertainment Factor

  • Swimming
  • Paragliding
  • Dolphins
  • Boat trips and Cruises


There are a lot of bays and freshwater pools in the northern part of Arambol. These are very good spots for swimming.


The rocky cliffs that surround the beaches are ideal places for paragliding and they are very popular amongst the tourists. The sheer landscape and the drop of height from the cliffs is very adventurous and kindles the mind of the tourist.


These are the main attractions in the Goan beaches. The scene of the playful dolphins jumping out of the sea is a moment to capture. There are many tourists who patiently wait at the edge of the sea just to catch a glimpse of the dolphin.

Boat Trips and Cruises

The beaches in Goa are clear, clean and enjoyable. The waters of the sea welcome you to rest your tired legs in them. Amidst such surroundings, it is but obvious that the tourist here would want to go around in the blue waters. This is the most exciting sport in Goa. Beach games and boat rides with cruises. These cruises are enjoyable as there are entertainers on board who showcase a programme full with Goan culture and variety. With its majestic boats, boat trips and cruises are a part of life in the beach.

Thus with all its quiet approach and serene calm ambience, Arambol is a place to reckon with if a person wants a home away from home. If he wants to leave all his stress behind him and wants to enjoy the freedom that life has given him, then come, visit Arambol and settle down in the nestles of greenery, in the warmth of the people here and bask in the cuisine that is offered to you. As they say “Goa is where the hearth lies, Arambol is the heart of Goa.”

5 Tips For Visiting Arambol Beach in Goa

Do not forget to keep swimwear, sunscreen lotion, and sunglasses with you before visiting Arambol Beach in Goa.

If you go to Arambol beach during the rainy season, it will be right for you to stay away from the water on the beach and follow the instructions given by the authority here.

If you have small children with you, then take good care of them and do not let them get away from your eyes.

Do not try to swim in the restricted area of ​​the sea, otherwise, it can prove dangerous for you.

You can enjoy delicious food at the huts built near Arambol Beach in Goa.

Hotels Near Arambol Beach Goa

nanu resort
Nanu Resort

If you want to stop around Arambol Beach then let us tell you that here you get the arrangement to stop from low budget to high budget hotel. You can stay here in hotels such as JP Resort, Happy Panda, Nanu Resort, Road House, Lotus Sutra, etc. You will also find huts to stay on Arambol beach in Goa.

Arambol Goa

Location: Arambol Goa 403519. Northwest of Mapusa, Goa and approx 50 km to Panaji.

Also known as: Harmal

Famous for: Fishing Settlement

Best Time to Visit: October to February

Local Transport: There are buses which ply from Mapusa and Chopdem to Arambol. Mapusa is the nearest Interstate bus station. Taxis, bikes are also available.

Souvenirs: Junk jewellery, clothes, mementos

Weather: 31°C, Wind W at 16 km/h, 59% Humidity

Places to See: Freshwater lakes, beaches, old churches, Teracol Fort.

Arambol Map

Hello friend, we have given complete information about the village of Arambol in this article. If you go to Goa, then definitely visit Arambol Beach once. If you have found this information right, then you must share it in your friend’s groups. Thank you so much guys for visiting Bluestone Holiday.

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