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Butterfly Beach Goa | Why Is Butterfly Beach Special In South Goa

Butterfly Beach In Goa

The beauty of Goa and the beach of Goa attract tourists. And provides relax and tranquility to all the tourists visiting the beach. By the way, there is a lot of Beach in Goa and their specialty is somewhat different. But today we will tell you about Goa’s secret beach Butterfly beach. let’s know about these special Butterfly beach of South Goa …

Butterfly Beach is the serene, enchanting, enchanting beach of Goa. For those who like solitude, there cannot be a better place than this. This beach is also known as Secret Beach. If you are looking for calm atmosphere and privacy, then your search will end after visiting Butterfly Beach in South Goa.

If you want to spend some moments of solitude with your partner, girlfriend or family. So this Butterfly Beach is perfect for you and loved ones. Not only this, but Butterfly Beach is also a great place for honeymoon. This beach is also known as Honeymoon Beach. For this reason, butterfly beach is becoming the most popular among privacy seekers. It is a bit difficult to reach this beautiful Butterfly Beach in Goa. But to reach this beach, you can take a comfortable ride by boat from the beach of Palolem Beach. Learn more about how to visit to Butterfly Beach Goa and why Butterfly Beach is special.

Why Butterfly Beach Is Special

Butterfly Beach is becoming one of the most special among individuals seeking secluded moments and privacy, along with a hidden beauty. The butterfly is also called Titali in Hindi. The reason behind calling this beach as Butterfly Beach is that it is found to have various colorful species of butterflies around it.

Apart from this, this coast structure also resembles the butterfly. For this reason, Butterfly Beach is named. During the sunrise or sunset, the attractive view here is made. This butterfly beach is an enchanting view surrounded by forest and sea. Which is worth seeing. The breathtaking sunset and dolphin watching has always been a plus point of this place.

Dolphin Spotting on Butterfly Beach

The beautiful sight of dolphin spotting can also be seen from other shores of Goa, but Butterfly Beach is considered an ideal place to see dolphin spotting. Because the number of tourists coming here is less than other beaches. Especially in the morning, you can enjoy watching these attractive fish. Apart from this, you can also see other flora and fauna of the sea. On the wet sands of the sea, sea crab, sea urchin and various types of fish can be seen.

What Can You Do At Butterfly Beach

If you are fond of photography, then you must visit Butterfly Beach in South Goa once. Here you will find a great atmosphere to take beautiful pictures.

You can enjoy riding in a boat running on the shores of this island.

If you have an adventurous liver then you can go on a two-hour trek in the jungle. Here you will also get an opportunity to explore the beautiful natural landscape such as climbing hills, brooks and dense vegetation.

You can enjoy the beautiful super acrobatic dolphin of Butterfly Beach. Along with this, you will also find a large number of beautiful colorful butterflies on the hill of Butterfly Beach.

Tips For Visiting Butterfly Beach 

Tourists must take care of some special things before visiting Goa’s Butterfly Beach

To get to Butterfly Beach you must go via boat. The boat drivers are in a crowd who will also be seen asking you to return.

Before going to Butterfly Beach, you should make arrangements for food and drink with you. Because this beach is located in a solitary place. And there are no shops nearby too.

Do not stop till late at Butterfly Beach because this place will not be good for you.

Hotels Near Butterfly Beach –

If you want to stay near Butterfly Beach or are looking for a hotel, then you will find the nearest hotel on Palolem Beach. Let us tell you that hotels from low budget to the high budget are available in Palolem. You can book the hotel according to your budget.

Best Time To Visit Butterfly Beach

The best time to visit Butterfly Beach is considered to be between October and March. During this season, the weather is mild and mild winter. And during monsoon season you should not go to Butterfly Beach. As the boat drivers will not be seen on the monsoon day and the way of the forest will be wet, that is why one should not go to Butterfly Beach.

How To Reach Butterfly Beach

If you are going to Goa’s tourist destination Butterfly Beach, So let us tell you that to go to Butterfly Beach, you will easily reach Butterfly Beach in Goa via flight, train, bus, bike and boat. So let us give you complete information about it.

Dabolim Airport or Goa Airport of Goa city is the closest to Butterfly Beach. The distance from the airport to Butterfly Beach is about 61 kilometers. From the airport, you can easily reach Butterfly Beach by boat from Palolem or Agonda Beach near Butterfly Beach via local means of walking here.

The nearest railway station to Goa’s Butterfly Beach is Vasco de Gama via train. These railway stations are about 67 kilometers from Butterfly Beach.

If you go by road or a bus to go to Butterfly Beach, then let us tell you that there are no bus stands near Butterfly Beach. But there is a bus stand of Panaji, about 67 kilometers from Butterfly Beach.

How To Reach Butterfly Beach By Boat

Butterfly beach is not possible by bus, car or bike, as this attracting beach is surrounded by dense forest and sea. You can reach Butterfly Beach by boat from Palolem or Agonda Beach. To ride the boat to Butterfly Beach, you will have to pay from 1000 rupees to 1200 rupees. You should not travel to Butterfly Beach during the monsoon season, because ferry Bihar may not be possible here during this time.

Butterfly Beach Goa Location

The Butterfly beach is one of the beautiful beaches located south of Palolem beach in Canacona area of ​​South Goa.

Butterfly Beach Goa Map

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