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Honeymoon in Australia – Why Honeymoon in Australia?

Honeymoon in Australia – Why Honeymoon in Australia?

A honeymoon in Australia promises to be a perfect fit for anybody with a spirit of adventure and curiosity. Australia is a country of vastness and grandeur. The land which has a rich past has many culturally vibrant cities and it still offers places in the Outback that have the drama of the pioneer experience.

Australia offers much to see and explore but the question is, what are the things a honeymooning couple is most likely to enjoy? The itinerary has to depend on the couple in question. Variety, said to be the spice of life, is the one word that captures the essence of this country and continent. There are the well-populated coastal urban centers and the rugged and awe-inspiring interiors, there are the mountains and the Great Barrier Reef, there is the exciting shopping of Sydney and the unique aboriginal experience of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Australia offers options and choices in terms of geography and ethnic diversity that is remarkable. The young country which has grown to be a global power player in the financial world offers the conveniences of a developed country combined with the pristine wonders of a less explored part of the world. Those who choose to go with a in Australia will be spoilt for choice.

Honeymoon Destinations In Australia

If you are a couple drawn to Australia by the wonderful images of its beaches, there are innumerable places where you can lie in the glorious sandy stretches, explore the tucked away coves or surf to your heart’s content. Whether you are the glamour couple who feel right at home in Sydney’s Bondi Beach or are sun-worshippers drawn to the quieter Kangaroo Island, where sea lions frolic or you are captivated by the pristine white sands of Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay there is an endless variety of options in Australia.

If you focus on nothing else but beaches while on your honeymoon in the Australia and pick one for each day, you will still need more than a week to cover some of the world’s greatest stretches of sand. This is the best Australia honeymoon destination.

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The Couple Who Enjoy Nature And Wildlife

If you are a couple who enjoy nature and wildlife, Australia offers the world-famous underwater coral dreamscape of Queensland and the unforgettable, but less well-known, Kimberley region of Western Australia. There is also the choice of whether to experience nature in luxurious style or whether to rough it out camping in the Outback. This is the best queensland honeymoon places.

You can charter a sailboat and explore the 74 islands of Whitsunday enjoying the snorkeling and swimming in relative privacy. You can even choose to captain your boat yourself after a day of sailing lessons. Nature itself comes in various packages in Australia.

The Couple Who Love History

If you are a couple who love history, you may like a chance to understand the complex and long-standing history of this land and its people. There are places like Ayers Rock and Alice Springs which offer interesting glimpses of the various sections of Australian history – from the times of the Indigenous Australians, through the times of the European settlers and the period in which Australia was a penal colony, the phase of the gold rush and the establishment of the Australia of the 21st century.

Lifestyle Party Honeymoon Couple

If you are a couple who have heard much about the party lifestyle of Sydney and the luxury shopping of Melbourne, each of Australia’s cities has something tempting to offer. There is the Sydney Opera House for the art lovers and the Melbourne cricket stadium for the sports enthusiast.

Australia’s multi-cultural diversity also means that it has world-class restaurants and ethnic diversity in cuisine that makes it a paradise for every foodie couple.

From its glittering cities to its serene landscapes a Australia promises a little something for everybody. And all this variety means that Australia is a great destination for those of you who are looking for something that works for both of you. Truth be told, being in love and getting married does not mean that people start having equal interests.

Beaches For Honeymoon Australia

So, if you want to go to the beach and visit museums, explore the wonders of nature and stay in the luxury of a five – star hotel, if you want to calm your cultural curiosity and explore ancient rock art. Want to visit places together and you also want to educate yourself about the vineyards below – book your honeymoon in Australia now. Both of you will enjoy it!

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