Places to Visit in Jalgaon | Tourist Places Near Jalgaon

Places to Visit in Jalgaon

Jalgaon is a beautiful tourist city in the state of Maharashtra, western India, located in northern Maharashtra, which is historically, culturally and naturally very important. Located in the northern part of the state of Maharashtra, the city serves as the headquarters of the Jalgaon district. Places to visit in Jalgaon and places to visit near Jalgaon are considered very famous, from the ancient fort to the temples and beautiful gardens.

If you are planning to visit Jalgaon on holiday, then you can start your journey from Mehrun Park in Jalgaon. It is said that Mehrun Park is counted among the oldest gardens in Jalgaon. The place is visited by locals as well as nearby tourists in Jalgaon.

Jalgaon City History

Earlier known as East Khandesh, present day Jalgaon, the banana city got its name from Malik Nasir, the second of the Faruki kings.

In the Aine Akbari 1157, Abul Fazal says, that the term Khandesh was given from the “Khan” title given by Ahmad-I of Gujarat.

Legend says that the name from the khandava forest of Mahabharata.
According to the Indian epic “Mahabharata”, the ruler of Toranmal Yuvanshava fought with the Pandavas.

The rock and cave temples at Nasik and Ajanta have sculptures, which show that Khandesh was under the rulers who were patrons of the Buddhist religion.

After this, the Saptavahanas, Andhrabhrityas, Virsen, then the Yawan dynasty, Chalukyas, Yadavas ruled over.

After this Alaud-din-Khilji, Mohammad Tughlak, Malik Raja Malik Nazir, the Nizam of Hyderabad, and finally the Marathas ruled over this region.

And after this, the British captured Khandesh. This area was divided into two in 1906. East Khandesh is today known as Jalgaon.

In 1960, when the State of Maharashtra was formed, Jalgaon was included as a district in the state.

Jalgaon – Down the Ages

Thus, the former Khandesh, which was controlled by the Faruqui dynasty of Burhanpur, Jalgaon, was the Maratha Saranjam.

This was then well established by the Maratha Royal Bhoite named Tulajirao Bhoite.

This became part of the British India’s Bombay Presidency in 1818. This remained so until 1953.

Down the ages, Jalgaon today is a producer of bananas and has developed agriculturally and industrially.

It is the largest producer of pulses and is a successfully developing town.

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Jalgaon – Travel Kitty

The ambiance of Jalgaon, the tie-dying city exudes an amount of historical nostalgia and a certain amount of pride of past glory.

As we enter the city, we find the air of elegance, and the touch of royalty and a tourist would certainly keep this experience in his travel kitty.

The tie-dying materials of Jalgaon are very famous worldwide.

Jalgaon City Information

Earlier known as: East Khandesh

Location: Western India, Northwest Maharashtra

Best Time to Visit: October to February

Places to See: Patnadevi, Omkareshwar Mandir, Ecchapurti Ganesh Temple

Top Things to do in Jalgaon

With the architectural elegance, historical glory and the colorful ambiance, Jalgaon offers us the proof of a land that existed during the time of the great powers like the Marathas, the Mughals and the British. The sheer royalty of the past is seen even in the present.

One can see the following here Best Tourist Places to Visit in Jalgaon district Maharashtra :

Patnadevi: This ancient place has a lot of religious importance. It has become important and has assumed a prominent position because this is where the prominent scientist Bhaskaracharya was born.

Jalgaon Temples

Omkareshwar Mandir: This temple in Jalgaon City has been built in memory of Lord Shiva. It is located at Jai Nagar.

There are innumerable festivals that are observed here. Shivratri, Ramnavmi, Shravni Somvar and Gokulashtami are some of the Festivals observed here.

Ecchapurti Ganesh Temple: This is a temple, which is visited by many devotees.

Padmalaya: This place is also known as “Prabhakshetra”. This religious place is located in the Erandol Taluka.

This is actually famous for having many temples of Lord Ganpati and Hanuman.

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Jalgaon Gardens

Mahatma Gandhi Gardens: This is a beautiful green place, which is frequented for all the tourists for its variety of flowers, plants and a lot of space for play and games.

Mehrun Park: This is one of the most erstwhile parks. It is located in the center of the city.

This nice place with many trees is the main source of attraction for many people.

This park has a lot of entertainment available. Sundays are most preferred for people to visit this park. Mehrun Park is the best tourist places to visit in Jalgaon city Maharashtra.

J K Park: This was originated recently and is near the Mehrun Park. Children love this park as they get things of their choice.

There are many attractions like the rabbits, parrots, and a big water pond.

This is called the “Mehrun Talaav”. The cool water of the pond and the view of the sunset is very beautiful.

The pond is full of water perennially.

Bahinabai Park: This Park is also situated in the middle of Jalgaon. Bahinabai Chaudhari was a well-known poet of Maharashtra. The park has been named after her.

The different types of trees give the park its ambiance and the people like to consider this place as a venue for relaxation and recreation.

Pal: This place is located in the Yawal Taluka. It is extremely cool and the temperature is low here.

The place is nice and natural and has a dense forest near it. Bahinabai Park is the best tourist picnic spot in Jalgaon Maharashtra.

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Jalgaon Forts

Parola: This fort was constructed in the year 1727. The size of the fort is big and measures around 160 to 130 square meters.

It’s believed that this fort was owned by Rani Jhansi’s father. Parola is the best tourist places to visit in Jalgaon Maharashtra.


Swinging Towers of Farkhande: These towers are located on the banks of the River Utawadi.

The constructional elegance of this place is magnificent. There are two towers each 15m long.

When one tower is waved, the other tower also waves automatically. This tower is around 250 years old.

Jalgaon, the garden city is a place to reckon with when we are touring Maharashtra.

The place with its greenery and its magnificent ambiance has a beautiful past, glorious History and stupendous constructions.

As we leave the place, we think “Old is Gold”.

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