Places to Visit in Sangli – Picnic Spot Near Sangli

Tourist Places to Visit in Sangli

Sangli is a major city and district headquarters of the state of Maharashtra in western India, situated on the banks of the Krishna River. Sangli city in the state of Maharashtra is also known as Haldi City, which is the largest turmeric producing region in Asia. This Sangli is also the birthplace of Marathi drama, along with many famous politicians. Sangli is also known as the Chinese belt of India. The most famous places to visit in Sangli.

If you want to take a nice place in Sangli by taking a vacation, then you can roam in these prominent places like Sangli Fort, Sangli Ganesh Temple, Chandoli sanctuary, Krishna valley wine park. These magnificent tourist spots of Sangli attract the most visitors.

Sangli City History

The city of Sangli has its origins from medieval India. This place was the capital of the Chalukya Empire in the 12th century AD.

While the British ruled, Sangli was one of the 11 gun salute princely states.

The name Sangli comes from the term “Saha Galli” meaning six lanes.

This city is known as the Natyapandhari or the birthplace of Marathi drama. Sangli was earlier known as southern Satara.

Sangli – Down the Ages

Located in the southern part of the state, Sangli lies along the Krishna River.

With its history dating back to the medieval ages, Sangli has come a long way down the ages.

Today it is a center for education, religion, culture, arts and drama.

Thus, Sangli, or Saha Galli is a flourishing successful city today.

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Sangli – Travel kitty

As we enter the city of Sangli, the musical instrument city, we can certainly feel a jump in our gait as this is the place where musical instruments are manufactured.

The ambiance, the green surroundings and the lovely constructions all lend beauty to the tourist’s eye.

A tourist takes this experience as his travel kitty.

Besides, the locally available articles are there for him to shop and fill his travel basket.

Sangli City Information

Location: Western India, Southern Maharashtra

Best Time to Visit: October and February

Places to See: Ganapati temple, Sangli Fort, Krishna Ghat

Souvenir: Musical instruments

Top Things to do in Sangli

As we enter the city, we find the history behind it following us. The ambiance and the atmosphere is electric and we find the modesty with which the city welcomes us a little overwhelming.

One can see the following things here best tourist places near Sangli Maharashtra :


Sangli Fort: This is situated in the middle of the city. There is a collector’s office, Revenue office, a Marathi school and a museum inside the fort.

There is also a Palace Rajwada. The museum is found in the backside of the fort. The court of Sangli is just opposite the fort.

Pratapgad Fort: This is one of the best forts built by Shivaji. One can see the Raigad fort from here.

This fort has the Bhavani Temple and Afzal Khan’s tomb

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Ganpati Temple: This is situated on the eastern banks of the River Krishna. Being one of the most beautiful temples in South Maharashtra, this temple had the idol established in 1843, the constructional elegance of this temple is worth a mention, and the black stone from Jyotiba hills have been used for this.

The temple has a platform, a magnificent hall, and a “Nagarkhana.” The unique feature of this temple is that the door of the temple is made out of colored natural wood and is carved.

Pandharpur: This is like paradise on earth and is the spiritual capital of the state of Maharashtra. The presiding deity here is Vithoba and Rakhumai.

Water Bodies

Krishna Ghat: This is the confluence of the two rivers Krishna and Warana. This is at Haripur, which is a small town in Sangli.

There is a temple here on the banks of the two rivers. Govind Hari Patwardhan built some houses for the Brahmins in 1768. So this place is known as Haripur.

Gokak Water Falls: This is just 2 hours from Sangli. June to October is the best time to visit this place.

This place has a swinging bridge on the waterfalls. The hydroelectric plant is a tourist’s delight. Gokak Water Falls is the best tourist places to visit in Sangli Maharashtra.

Hill stations and Dams

Mahabaleshwar: This is the queen of hill stations and can be reached from Sangli.

Bahubali Hills: These are also known as “kumbhojgiri”. One can go there from Sangli.

Koyna Dam: This is built on one of the tributaries of River Krishna.

Natural Resorts

Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary: This is a man-made sanctuary and has an artificially cultivated forest.

The species and Wildlife here are all artificially put in. In 1985, it became a wildlife sanctuary from a normal park.

Chandoli Forests: These are around 65 kms from Sangli. They are famous for their scenic wonder and they house the wild animals like monkey, deer, wild goat, rabbits, tigers, etc. Chandoli Forests is the best picnic spot in Sangli Maharashtra.

Battis Shirala: This is a small village about 65 km from Sangli. This is located in the hilly area full of forests.

Every year there is a snake festival here. This is attended by innumerable people

Some important places

Bijapur: This is a four-hour drive from Sangli. Buses run by Maharashtra and Karnataka ply to Bijapur.

The city is known for the Gol Gumbaz palace built by Adil Shah.

Narsobawadi: This is again a village, which attracts tourists for its location. It lies at the confluence of the Krishna and Panch Ganga. This place has a lot of archaeological importance too.

Thus with the luscious green surroundings, Sangli, the 11 gun salute city offers to the tourist its simple, modest tourist spots which have a great historical value and a stupendous constructional elegance.

As we leave the place, we think, “Nothing can be built in a day, neither Rome nor Sangli.”

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