Places To Visit In Thane – Picnic Spot Near Thane

Places To Visit In Thane

Thane is an immediate neighbor of Mumbai city in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, which is the 16th most populous city in India and also the largest tourist places. Thane is a city surrounded by hills on all sides, which is known as the ‘City of Lakes’. Learn more about the places to visit in Thane Maharashtra.

Places to visit in Thane Maharashtra such as Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Tikuji-ni-Wadi, Upvan Lake, Suraj Water Park, Talao Pali Lake, Yeoor Hills, Vardhman Fantasy Amusement Park, Masunda Talao, Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden, Ganeshpuri, Ghodbunder Fort, Sargam Water Park, Temple, Sudhagad Fort, Bassein Fort and Jawhar Palace, etc.

Thane City History

Thane the city of lakes is famous in history as the first place where the first railway train ran between Thane and Mumbai.

This was earlier the capital of the Shilahara kings of Konkan who used to call it “Sthan” or “Sthanaka”.

The Greek geographer Ptolemy refers to “Chersoneus” which according to research is the area around the Thane creek.

Besides, there are many slabs and copper plates that show proof of Thane’s origin from the Middle Ages.

In 1787, there was an excavation in Thane fort, which showed a plate of 1078 AD. This revealed a land grant from Arikesara Devaraja.

The land grant was the sovereign city of Tagara, where the inhabitants are addressed as Shree Sthanka.

Marco Polo, the great traveler from Venice, also has come to Thane in 1290 AD.

Friar Jordanus who visited Thane between 1321AD and 1324 AD describes the place being under a Muslim governor.

He also details about the four Christian priests who sacrificed for the sake of religion.

This happened 200 years ago before the Portuguese came to India. Another noted traveler Duarte Barbosa described Thane by the name Tana Mayambu.

The Portuguese occupied Thane in 1530 and ruled over this place for more than 2 centuries until 1739.

At that time, it was known as “Cascade de Tana.” In 1730, work started in the Thane Fort.

The Marathas conquered Bassein and Thane in 1737 and 1739 and held ground over the region until 1784. At that time, Thane was known as “Tanna”.

This place was made the headquarters of the district administration.

The name Sristhanka actually has been named after Lord Ganesh. “Sristhanaka” means the abode of Lord Ganesh.

Thane – Down the Ages

The city of Thane lies in the northwestern part of Maharashtra. It forms the valley between Ulhas and Vaitarna and also is surrounded by the Sahyadris.

Down the ages has seen Thane, or Sristhanaka grow into a progressive city with a lot of development and construction.

This is today the district headquarters of the Thane district. Today Thane is the much sought after place for people wanting to settle down.

Travel Kitty

With its stupendous historical background and glorious past, Thane has a tale to tell.

It has been a testimony to the battles fought; the challenges met and still stands tall today as the pride of Maharashtra.

A traveler coming here would be impressed with the ambiance, electric atmosphere and the surrounding greenery.

This would be his travel kitty. Besides, Thane is also the place where there is a lot of bric a brac available. Fabrics, handicrafts, food items are all available in Thane which showcase the Maharashtrian culture.

Top Things to do in Thane

Thane, the Yeoor city is developed with a lot of site seeing available.

Set against the background of the Sahyadri mountains, this city offers the best for the tourist coming here.

It has the ideal retreat spots and the best historical monuments to showcase. A person coming here would see the following best tourist places to visit in Thane Maharashtra :

Thane Lakes

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Masunda Talao: Thane is called the city of lakes. There are around 23 lakes in the city. All the lakes are magnificent and wonderful.

However, the most important and beautiful among them is the Masunda Talao. This is locally called the Talao Pali.

It offers boating facilities to everyone and is also a lover’s haven.

There are water scooters available here which the tourists can avail of. This is the place also for a lot of food to be binged on. A foodie would be ecstatic here. Masunda Talao is the amazing tourist places to visit in Thane Maharashtra.

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Thane Hills

Yeoor Hills: This is nature at its best. This absolutely pollution free area is the greatest getaway spot in Thane.

Set amidst a lot of greenery and natural flora and fauna, the winding paths up the Yeoor Hill make a person feel relaxed and at ease with oneself.

These hills are also called the “Mama Bhanja Hills” and there is a Math at the top.

This visit fulfills the trip to Yeoor completely as it really calms the mind.

The tranquility here is contagious and a person coming here would get addicted to visiting this place again and again.


Titwala Ganesh Mandir: This is a very sacred pilgrim spot and is frequented by all devotees.

It has a temple for Lord Ganesh and for Lord Vithoba. In Ambarnath, nearby there is a beautiful temple that was built in the 11th century.

This was built in the “Hemadpanti” architectural style.

Shiv Temple: This temple in the heart of Thane city is a much sought after religious spot for all devotees of Lord Shiva.

Hot Springs

Ganeshpuri: this is the residence of Swami Nityanand Maharaj. This small town is famous for its hot springs.

There is a temple dedicated to Shri Bhimeshwar here. Then there are four Kundas.

Local tradition says that they were built 800 years ago. Water collected in one Kunda flows to the second then to the third and fourth and so on.

Finally, it flows into the river. This place is much welcomed for its calm ambiance.

Thane Forts

Sudhagad Fort: This is a fort, which is also a pilgrimage center. It is not very often visited by people.

This is one of the few forts, which is still in good condition. It is worth a visit.

Villages and Relaxation

Kashi Mira

These are actually two villages in Thane. The natural beauty and spellbinding ambiance of this place has made it a tourist location.

Besides, with the backdrop of greenery, lovely hills and zigzag paths up the hills makes this place very beautiful and attractive.

Ambarnath: This municipal town got its name from the shrine dedicated to God Ambarnath. It was also known as Amarnath.

This town has a Shiva temple from where the name actually originated. Amarnath means immoral Lord. This is a common name for Shiva.


This is a place near the western coast near the Thane creek. This place reminds us a lot about the historical past.

There are the Portuguese ruins, which are hidden by the palm groves. There is a patch of land that is cut off from the mainland due to the Sopara Creek. This portion was known as Vasai Island. Bassein fort is the best tourist places to visit in Thane Maharashtra.

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Jawhar Palace: This is a place, which gives us the unique chance of knowing about the life of the tribals, their way of living and their culture.

Shirpamal here is the place where Shivaji chose to rest on his way to Surat.

The place where the palace is called the Mahabaleshwar of Thane.

The various points here like the Hanuman and the Sunset Point are very beautiful and offer much relaxation to a tired tourists’ eye.

There is also a waterfall here called the Dadara Kopra Falls. Jal Vilas is a palace of the tribal kings, which also is a place worth visiting. This is the best tourist places to visit in Thane Maharashtra.

Recreation Spots

Tikuji – Ni – Wadi: This is an entertainment spot. Set amidst a lot of green shrubs, trees and the nature in full flow, this place is the most favorite picnic spot.

There are a lot of facilities available here for entertainment and recreation.

Essel World: This amusement park is located at Gorai and is the main attraction for many who come to visit Thane.

The rides and the entertainment coupled with the food provides the best holiday ever. It has the largest wave pool in Asia.

Water World: This is near Virar and has the ideal games for water play. The beautiful Beaches of Gorai, Aksa, Madh, and Marve are the scenic beauty here.

There are also places nearby like Alibaug, Manori, Murud Janjira, which are worth a visit.


This is an enthralling hill station near Thane. Situated at an altitude of 800m, Matheran is the much sought after tourist sport for weekends.

An Englishman Hugh Mallet discovered it in 1850 and from then it has been the most magnificent weekend hangout for all. The trek up the hill in Matheran is something everyone likes.

In this way, it is seen that the city of Thane with all its past history has still retained its originality.

With the people being very particular about keeping the Maharashtrian culture and tradition intact, it is not surprising that the place still looks beautiful with all its pomp and glory. Matheran is the best tourist places to visit in Thane Maharashtra.

As we leave the city we feel, “All is fair in love and tourism.”

Thane City Information

Originally known as: Sristhanaka

Also known as: Cascade de Tana

Location: Western India, Northern Maharashtra

Best Time to Visit: November to March

Places to See: Masunda Talao, Tikuji-ni-Wadi, Essel World, Matheran, Yeeor Hills, Ganeshpuri

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