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Places to Visit in Yavatmal

Yavatmal is a small town located in the Yavatmal district in the far northeast region of the state capital, Mumbai Maharashtra, as well as a beautiful tourist destination. Even though the town is small in size, Yavatmal is a prosperous place for tourism and the places to visit in Yavatmal are very famous. If you are thinking of visiting Maharashtra on holiday, then one must visit Yavatmal.

Yavatamal City History

Yavatamal, earlier Yeotmal was earlier a part of Vidarbha. It was the capital of Bidar in the area of the Nizam. Berar was part of the Mauryan Empire, which reigned from 272 BC to 231 BC.

Before the Empire got disrupted, Berar had regained independence and there were a lot of incidences, which affected Eastern Berar.

There are also traces in history that connect Yavatmal to the Vakataka dynasty. In the late 10th century, Berar fell into the hands of the Chalukyas.

Around the 12th century, the Deorigi Yadavas captured most of the kingdom of Chalukya, and most likely they took part of the Yavatmal district.

In the 18th century, Yavatmal with Berar went to the East India Company.

There was no disturbance here throughout the Mutiny and things have been steady since then.

Berar was separated into East and West districts. The headquarters were at Amravati and Akola. The Yavatmal district was part of Amravati.

In 1864, however, Yavatmal became a part of South East Berar along with Darwha, Kelapur and Wani.

In 1903, Berar went to the Govt of India and became a part of the Central States. And in 1905, the six districts in Berar were restructured, and Yavatmal was formed.

Yavatmal – Down the Ages

Located in the Northeastern part of Maharashtra, Yavatmal, Yeomal, has a complex topography with a River valley in the northern and southern portion and a plateau in the center.

Down the ages has seen Yavatmal growing into one of the smallest districts in the state.

The population is less and it has the Wardha, and Penganga flowing across it.

According to Ain-I-Akbari, Yavatmal got its name from “Yot Lohara.” “Yot” is a corrupted Urdu word of “Yavata” which was the original name.

Lohara was then merged with Yavata. This came to be known as Yeotmal from Yavat, which was the actual name of the town.

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Travel Kitty

The historical past, the glory of the place and the ambiance around gives the place its due.

The tourist coming here would appreciate the modesty and the simplicity of the place.

A traveler can take the sheer experience as the travel kitty.

The immense treasure chest of art, architecture, and archaeology with the beautiful Temples and lovely ambiance is the best travel kitty available.

Top Things to do in Yavatmal

As we enter Yavatmal, the bird sanctuary city, it is a unique experience to see nature at its best.

The greenery and the atmosphere around is contagious and a person coming here feels like relaxing in the nestles of the surrounding Ajanta ranges.

The valley and the plateau effect make the place rich with culture, art and tradition.

We can see the following things here:

Tourist Leaflet of Yavatmal

Tipeshwar Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary: The Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary in the Pandarkawada Tehsil of the Yavatmal district.

There are many villages around the sanctuary.

This affects the sanctuary resources for timber, firewood, bamboo, etc.

The protection of this sanctuary is difficult because of the hilly terrain. Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is the best tourist places to visit in Yavatmal Maharashtra.

Painganga Sanctuary: The irregular landscape here is divided by a wide valley and the place is beautiful with its greenery.

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There are many beautiful temples, which dot the district. Some of the important temples to visit are Niranjan Mahur Dhanki, Jambhora, the old temple of Narasimha, Khalamb Khateshwar Maharaj temple at Jodmoha. The Jagat Mandir and Khojochi mosque are also important monuments.

Chintamani Ganesh Temple

This temple at Kalamb is actually an old village located on the Nagpur Yavatmal Road.

This underground temple is dedicated to Chintamani.

Here there is an illustrious water tank known as the ‘Ganesh Kunda’.

This Chintamani village is located on the banks of the River Chakravarti. The Sri Chintamani fair is held every year.

Wani: The renowned shrine of Shir Ranganath Swami is in Wani.

It is a significant center of trade in bullocks and cattle. Wani has many coal mines.

This place is connected to other parts of the State. Chintamani Ganesh Temple is the best tourist places to visit in Yavatmal Maharashtra.

Hot Water Springs

There are many hot water springs on the banks of the Painganga River. They are a great tourist attraction.


There are many factories here, like the ginning factories, pulse and oil mills, sawmills, and many educational institutions.

Digras, Darwha, and Pusad: This is a place where pressing and ginning mills are found.

Arni: This is situated on the banks of the River Arunavati. The Ursa – Shariff is a fair held here.

Pophali: Located on the Pusad Road this place has a sugar factory.

Umarkhed: This is a place known for the trade.

Ghatanji: This place is situated on River Waghadi’s banks has a fair Moroli Maharaj that is held here.

Rajur: This place in Wani taluka has a lot of limestone and coal and limekilns here.

Patan Bori: Patan Bori has a lot of stones. Tiles are made out of these stones. This lies in the outskirts of the Nagpur Hyderabad highway.

Ner: Being the Taluka main office this lays on the road from Yavatmal to Amravati. There is a big cattle market here.

Umari: This is on the road to Wani. It has a wood sale and collection center. This belongs to the forest department.

Ralegaon: This taluka headquarters has a lot of sawmills. There are pressing and ginning mills also here.

Babhulgaon: This is also the taluka headquarters, which is on the road from Yavatmal to Dhamangaon. This is a nice trading center.

Kaleshwar: This is situated near kap. This has a hot spring containing carving. There is a fair held here every year.

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Entertainment Factor

There are many fairs held in Yavatmal. The Ghanti Baba Fairs at Digras and the Shri Ranganath Swami fair at Wani are very famous here.

The others are the Shri Chintamani fair at Kalamb, Maroti Maharaj fair at Ghatanji, Datta Jayanti at Mahur Jambhora, Mahashivrathri at Wani, Tapona, Pusad and Mahagaon, etc.

The traders and shopkeepers keep temporary stalls. In the fairs, there are a lot of agricultural produces and many other daily articles.

The Ranganathaswami fair deals with trading in bullock and other cattle.

The village fairs, the temples and the magnificent structures and the ambiance around create an atmosphere of fun and entertainment and the visit here is really worth it.

As we leave the place we think “ Let the past lie, let’s see the Yavatmal, the fair city of today.”

Yavatmal City Information

Name derived from: Yot Lohara

Also known as: Yeotmal

Location: Western India, North Eastern Maharashtra

Best Time to Visit: October and February

Local Transport: Rickshaws, scooters, motorcycles

Places to See: Tipeshwar Bird Sanctuary, Painganga Sanctuary, Mahadeo Temple

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