Reis Magos Fort In Goa Tourism, Facts, History, Places

Reis Magos Fort In Goa

Reis Magos Fort In Goa, The calm and peaceful Goa has more to offer you beyond its picturesque beaches.

Goa is stuffed with amazing tourist spots that can make your vacation a treasured one.

Reis Magos Fort is one such tourist place that can make your Goa visit unforgettable.

Before you take a tour to Reis Magos Fort, you must be familiar with the important features and attractions associated with it.

Facts About the Reis Magos Fort

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Reis Magos Fort in Goa Images

Constructed in 1551 AD, this fort displays a brilliant manifestation of Portuguese rulers in defending their territory against unforeseen attacks for invaders.

This fort along with the Aguada fort served as a vital defense system against Marathas.

The construction of Reis Margos Fort was enlarged since its inception and finally, it was re-erected in 1707.

This fort is quite small compared to other forts in Goa, but it stands within the center of a splendid view of the northern bank of Mandovi River.

The fort has been well preserved and is presently defended by 33 guns and a small military troop.

This fort was built on the ruins of a Pagoda in 1550 AD. The pavement of this fort is noteworthy since it is studded with inscriptions.

You can also get to see the spot where the remains of Dom Luis de Ataíde( Count of Athoughia) has been enclosed. Reis Magos Fort is the best Forts in Goa.

Prime Attraction

You can indulge yourself in a festive mood if you visit this fort in the month of January.

The Reis Magos Church organizes a feast named ‘Festa dos Reis Magos’ or ‘Festa dos Reis Magos’’ in the memory of St. Jerome.

This feast is a renowned one and very few tourists are unfortunate to miss this grand gala.

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Reis Magos Fort History

This fort was originally built during the reign of Sultan Adil Shah.

Later on, Portuguese conquerors captured this fort in 1760 and made further additions to its construction.

In the beginning, the Portuguese used this fort as a shelter for the viceroys and dignitaries who arrived from Lisbon.

But gradually, the Portuguese realized the strategic importance of this fort and used it to ward off Maratha armies.

How to Reach

Almost all tourist operators organize trips to this fort. You can easily find local tour packages that include Reis Magos fort and Aguada fort as well.

Reis Magos Fort Goa

Location: Reis Magos village, Bardez Taluka, North Goa district

Highlights: Feast of “Three Wise Men” held every year on January 6 at the Reis Magos church located at the base of the fort.

Constructed by: Sultan Adil Shah

Period of Construction: 1551 AD

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