Terekhol Fort In Goa Tourism – Best Picnic Spot Goa

Terekhol Fort In Goa

If you are planning to visit North Goa then don’t forget to have a look at the Terekhol Fort. Beaches of Goa are undoubtedly precious, but forts of Goa are unique and cannot be found in the rest of Asia. So, bag more sweet memories in your Goa trip by visiting the Terekhol Fort.

This fort has a remarkable architecture but most of its original construction is no more to see.

This fort was originally constructed by Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle, the king of Sawantwadi.

But as its possession went into the hands of Portuguese colonizers it got revamped massively in 1764.

What Makes This Fort a Brilliant Tourist Spot Goa?

Terekhol Fort is situated at the top of a hillock and the construction faces towards the Arabian Sea.

This gives you a scope to take a bird’s eye view of the entire area surrounding the fort in Goa.

This wonderful fort has been neglected for long and naturally, most of its part has ruined.

But tourist takes interest in visiting this place as the fort has been revamped into a hotel (Terekhol Fort Heritage) presently.

This gives every tourist to feel the adventure of staying in a castle and observing the details of its interior very closely.

You will find a century-old church on the courtyard named Church of St. Anthony.

This church has remarkable construction and its interiors are decorated nicely. But unfortunately, this is not open for the general public except during the month of May.

During May an annual feast is held and one can see the church as well as feel the festive mood of North Goa.

So, in case you are planning to visit this breath-taking fort then plan your trip in May and don’t miss the chance to see this old church of St. Anthony. Terekhol Fort is the best picnic spot in Goa.

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Terekhol Fort History

After this fort was seized by Portuguese Viceroy Dom Pedro Miguel de Almeida, it served as a chief bulwark against the invaders coming by sea.

Later on, in 1825, Dr. Bernado Peres da Silva used this fort as a base for a rebellion army who fought against Portuguese troops.

The outcome of this war in favor of the Portuguese and this fort was re-captured by them.

How to Reach Terekhol Fort

This fort is situated at the northern most tip of Goa. You can reach their by hiring any local transport from the hamlet of Querim ( 42 km away from Panaji).

Terekhol Fort Goa

Location: Pernem taluka, North Goa district

Period of Construction: 17th century

Constructed by: Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle, the Raja of Sawantwadi

Highlights: Church of St. Anthony

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